Folio Society Books – Introduction

The Folio Society was a vision of Charles Ede. A booklover from childhood, his aim was to make fine books available at a reasonable price. That he tried to do this in the immediate aftermath of World War Two in England showed how determined he was. The first books were published in 1947.  My focus will be on the early books but I’ll wander elsewhere from time to time.  For each book I’m planning to post a photo/scan of the cover and some of the illustrations. There will be some information about the book. Most of this will be derived from FOLIO 60, which is a comprehensive bibliography of the books from 1947 to 2006.

This blog was originally hosted on, but I’ve transferred it across to wordpress (from Jan 24 2012). I’ll try to update, and rearrange each post so the appearance to a dog’s breakfast is reduced.




3 comments on “Folio Society Books – Introduction

  1. This is a great initiative! Thanks for the hard, extra work. Antonio (drasvola)

  2. Congratulations on this fantastic work of bibliographic research! Your explanations are clearly written, well developed and, more importantly, convincing. All Folio Society collectors can now have a better understanding of the facts behind these elusive editions. Thank you very much.

  3. Thanks for the comments Antonio. It’s not really much extra work, just supplementing my “100 books” project, rounding out my reading and keeping some sort of record. I’m pleased that it may be of some interest.

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