A memoir Of the Forty-Five

Number 114 in the list of Folio Society publications. Again I got this at “Much Ado” in Alfriston. It is a memoir by James Chevalier de Johnstone, a son of an Edinburgh merchant, of his involvement in the Jacobite uprising to reestablish the Stuarts to the throne. The first half of the memoir is about the uprising and the battles, the second half is about his evasion of the retribution of the victors. It is a well written account which concentrates more on the personal consequences of victory and defeat than the politics of the time.

The front binding is decorated by a fine herringbone pattern incorporating the Scottish thistle.  It is probably worthwhile tracking the book down for the cover alone! The front end piece is a map of Scotland, the maps are by George Tuckwell, and there are reproductions of contemporary engravings.

Here are images of the cover, the maps and the engravings

IMG_0016 (Medium)
IMG_0017 (Medium)
IMG_0018 (Medium)
IMG_0019 (Medium)
IMG_0020 (Medium)
IMG_0023 (Medium)
IMG_0024 (Medium)
IMG_0025 (Medium)
IMG_0026 (Medium)
IMG_0027 (Medium)
IMG_0028 (Medium)
IMG_0029 (Medium)
IMG_0033 (Medium)
IMG_0034 (Medium)
IMG_0035 (Medium)
IMG_0036 (Medium)

I should now be back on track, and “Trilby” should be the next book to be reviewed.


One comment on “A memoir Of the Forty-Five

  1. This is a book I’ve got to have! Just ordered it from Ardis. Books with maps are wonderful to collect and it fits in with my requirement of UK ties.

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