Shakespeare’s Sonnets

IMG (Small) Originally intended for publication in 1947, it appeared in 1948, the fourth book of the Society

The Book

All 154 sonnets were published, using the A.H. Bullen  text. My copy lacks the dustjacket. The scan shows the green leather binding and cloth sides.

Each sonnet is published on a separate page with a calligraphic headpiece in green. The book was, otherwise, unillustrated. The book was published by the Chiswick press as was the third book Aucassin & Nicolette.

The headpieces were designed by Reynolds Stone, who also designed the Folio Society logo.  In a long career he also designed banknotes and stamps and engraved the tombs of Winston Churchill and T.S. Elliot among many other accomplishments.

Three other editions have been since issued by the Folio Society.

The Poet

Goes by the name of William Shakespeare. Better known as a playwright, but turned his hand to poetry now and then.

IMG_0001 (Small)

The Poetry

Lots of sonnets…154 of them in fact. There is a lot of angst here. All the pleasure is tinged with pain, and all the pain is tinged with more pain. Of course there is more to them that, but that covers about 90% of the work!

The Critics

Some can spend a lifetime thinking about The Sonnets and wonder about Shakespeare’s sexuality and fidelity, mysterious patrons, his thoughts about lost youth, and so on.



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