Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

IMGOf the early FS books this is one of my favorites. The juxtaposition between good and evil is captured in the minimalist illustrations.

The Book

Published in 1948, this was the 12th book. It was designed by Charles Ede and printed by Mackay. The black/gold theme which starts on the dustjacket continues throughout. The front board has the DJ image reversed in a striking impressed version.



IMG_0014The  Story

There is the premise that we each have good and evil within ourselves, Dr Jekyll undertakes a series of experiments which separates these qualities into different physical entities.

The story is well known, and is summarised here

The Illustrator

This is the first book that Mervyn Peake illustrated for the Folio Society. Droll Stories, published in 1961 was the only other book he illustrated for the Society. He was perhaps best known as the writer of The Gormenghast Trilogy, which the Society published in 1992.

The Illustrations






IMG_0005 IMG_0006 IMG_0007 IMG_0008 IMG_0009 IMG_0010 IMG_0011 IMG_0012




































The illustrations were printed in black and yellow from relief blocks.

Forthcoming books will include The Golem, a recent publication and also The Earliest Chemical Industry which is the last of the 1948 books. There were 9 books published in 1949 so that will be my 2012 project.


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